WAWAHA creates bohemian fashion for the wanderer and dreamer.  The process involves a true island love affair. All garments are designed on Vancouver Island by owner of the company, Leilani Evans and created in beautiful Bali, Indonesia. Wawaha makes beautiful, handcrafted garments which when worn promotes the sense of elegance and play. .

What is a WAWAHA girl?
WAWAHA girls follow their hearts, they have rings on their fingers and bells on their toes. They make music as they walk. WAWAHA girls are dreamers and wanderers. Treasures and childhood memories sparkle within a WAWAHA girls eyes . WAWAHA girls carry a certain air about them and like to be ostentatiously dressed.... or not  at all!   All females who have ever graced this earth have a little WAWAHA within them, making them all wondrous, whimsical WAWAHA women.
~love from a fellow WAWAHA girl.